Spring of Salem Music Ministry was established in Texas in 2006 and registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2007. Our mission is to be co-worker with God, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the praise and worship to pass on God's love and blessings!  Through the Spirit of God, we be reconciled the relationships with God, and rediscover the lost hearts God gave us to love one another. Moreover, we hope to rebuild the body, soul, and spirit in Jesus Christ, mentor, inspire and motivate Christians as God-centered worshipers, empower them to be equipped as the blessings in God's kingdom.
The vision comes from Genesis 14 which describes how Abram (later changed to Abraham) saved Lot from the enemy and recovered all that had been seized from him.  In this written history, I see our own?current circumstances: the world in upheaval, endless natural disasters, and the terrible acts of our fellow man. Our family, countrymen, brothers, and sisters are also under constant attack; for example, worry,?anxiety, depression, blame, hate, bitterness, regret, cruelty, fear, and suicide continue to control us and our bodies.  The human heart knows no peace, and we have no way to escape.  We are unable to find our?way out;  we are without strength and incapable of defending ourselves. 
And now God has called us to be his ambassadors and a conduit for his blessings.  He has called us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on the cross, to give the gospel to the captive, the prisoners, the hurt, the oppressed, and those with dry, thirsty hearts, dead souls, and hopeless minds.  The Lord Jesus says, “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14).  Revelations also clearly mentioned that in the new Jerusalem God’s holy city has a river of life.  Living water comes from the Lord who gives us life, and he is the only way. For whoever finds Him finds life. Hence, the Spring of Salem Music Ministry was born.                                                              
                                                                                                                                                                                     ​Yvenn Lee/ Founder of SOSMM

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                             撒冷泉音樂事工於2006年在美國德州成立,並相繼於2007年正式成立501(c)(3)非營利機構。 我們的使命是以創作福音詩歌與蒙福                                 的生命見證,來傳揚耶穌基督的十字架福音!透過讚美與敬拜建立與神和好的關係,找回起初的愛,恢復並建立以神為中心的敬拜生                                     活,生命得改變,成為神國度的祝福。

                            事工源起是來自聖經創世記第14章,描述亞伯蘭〈之後被神改名為亞伯拉罕〉如何從敵人手中救回姪兒羅得,並奪回一切被擄掠的故 事。 透過此記載,神光照我看到今日我們所處的光景,世界擾亂,天災人禍不斷,人心惶惶,沒有平安;人際關係的緊張,內在、外在壓力的傷害、怨恨、苦毒、沮喪、恐懼、害怕及自殺的陰影圍困、擄掠、傷害著‧...。 但是主耶穌說祂是惟一的道路、真理與生命!
                             〝人若喝我所賜的水,就永遠不渴。我所賜的水要在他裏頭成為泉源,直湧到永生。〞  ~約翰福音4:14
                             聖經啟示錄也提到,在新耶路撒冷城─神的聖城中,有一道生命河…能醫治....。 這生命平安的活水,是從創造生命的主而來,凡乾渴的                                都當來,我們這飲過主恩活水滋味的人,願將神愛的救贖─耶穌基督的十字架福音,藉由生命的音符來傳報,分享神的愛,領人同嘗這福                              音的好處。 因此 撒冷泉音樂事工 〝 Spring of Salem Music Ministry〞就是如此誕生了。